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The next consumer decision process is the search for the purchase evaluation alternatives.Although, impulse purchasing can occur in any setting, consumer impulse buying is an extensive everyday context for it. (Rook, 1987) In the modern market place, spontaneous urges to buy and consumer often compete with practical necessity to delay the immediate gratification that buying provides.

According to Vincent et al (2001), the impact of price promotion need not be limited to its immediate effect.Some retailers just concentrate on the pricing strategies by specifically looking on the short-term benefits.Literature Review. 2.1 Strategic Planning, Decision Theory and Decision Support Systems Decision support systems, which are based on decision theory, have been.They said highly stimulating and pleasant store environments leads to enhanced impulse buying.They mention that some unplanned purchases are really just stocking up behaviour that translates to reduced purchasing later.

The retailers use price as one of the key factors to create this perception in the customers mind.Better World Books helps you make the most of the books your library no.

Children may also strongly influence the family (Kotler and Armstrong, 2007).In-store browsing increases the likelihood of an impulse purchase, i.e. the longer the consumer browse the store, the more likely is that they end up buying on impulse purchase.Chris (1993) defines the sales promotion as the practice of offering temporary addition value to a brand in order to reach specific market objectives.Female Buying Behaviour Related to Facial Skin Care. behaviour and these issues were discussed in the literature review. 4.5.3 Purchase decision.The customer could also find another product that is better value for money than the one he indented to buy.With the support of manufacturers, retailers have the option of increasing the profit margins as well.They signify that brand switching and purchasing substitute products could sometimes be impulse purchases.To browse Academia.edu and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds to.Store type and atmosphere: A good atmosphere stimulates the impulse buying.

These are shown through interaction of drives, responses, stimuli and reinforcement.There are various negative effects on retailers because of sales promotion.There are people from individualistic culture and collective culture.Behavioural influence perspective: This occurs when environmental forces propel consumers to make purchases without necessarily developing strong beliefs of the product.This has been a topic of vast interest for the marketers all over the world.

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The intention of sales promotion is to attract new consumer, reward loyal customers and increase the repurchase rates of occasional users.

Characteristics of the goods: Various characteristics include price and symbolic meaning of goods.Madhavram and Laverie (2004) bring in an element of change of intentions to impulse purchase.

According to Kotler and Armstrong, (2007), the consumer behaviour is influenced by the four main factors namely: Cultural factors, Social factors, personal factors and physiological factors.This brand switching is important with respect to this study because, as there is a question asked to consumers on brand switching and impulse purchasing.

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Once the customer thinks that they need to buy something, then the search for information begins.Cobb and Hoyer(1986) mentions that the growth of self-service merchandising, heavier levels of advertising, greater emphasis on in-store displays and other promotional tools all makes it easier for the shoppers to use the store itself as a catalogue for making brand decisions which in turn affects impulse buying.Examples of value promotions would be free draws, main-in premiums, container promotions, competitions.This is the process of understanding the reality including selection, processing and interpretation of information from the environment to make them meaningful and purposeful.

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Dittmar et al.(1995) cited by Kacen and Lee(2002) argued that women value their possessions for emotional and relational-oriented reasons while men value their possessions for functional and instrumental reasons.

They mention that in-store stimuli are promotional techniques employed to increase the unplanned purchase of products.Verplanken and Herabadi(2001) also found the relation between impulse buying tendency and personality-related variables.The behaviour occurs after an urge to buy and it tends to be spontaneous and without a lot of reflection.

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This is because, customers planning longer product purchases will be well planned where are short product life purchases will be instant.The personal factors that influence the consumer behaviour are age and life cycle stage, occupation, economic situation, lifestyle and self-concept.Srinivasan et al (2004) based on Blattberg et al (1995) defined price promotion as temporary price reductions offered to the consumer.Sweepstakes: Consumer has a random chance to win a price, so no purchase is required.

Studies shows that people under 35 years of age are more prone to impulse purchase.Everything we do is focussed on writing the best possible assignment for your exact requirements.

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Point of Purchase Literature Review New York Data Girlando M, Loomis B, Watson K, Farrelly M.The present book explore the relationship of personality similarity and the role of convenience amongst the youth while purchase through a literature review.This is mainly because, the consumer get instant discount when they go for the price promotion.This has been confirmed by Bellinger et al. (1978) and Wood (1998) cited by Kacen and Lee(2002).

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THE INFLUENCE OF MUSIC ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOR. we based this research on literature review in national. purchase decision of consumers shopping in.Abratt and Goodey(1990) mentions price promotions plays an important factor in impulse purchasing.