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Problems in agricultural sector: in agricultural activities there is a good deal of guess work in data relating to cropwise production and in figures relating to animals and forest products.

Chinn Spring 2012 Social Sciences 7418 University of Wisconsin-Madison The Keynesian Model of Income Determination.The measurement of national income is beset with difficulties.Consequently, output, income and employment will increase in the economy and the equilibrium level of income OK will be again reached at point E.Factors determining national income can be discussed as follows-.It has to define exactly, whether it is geographical entity of the country or the nationals including those residing abroad.Now we take a proportional tax which is imposed on income as a constant percentage.Net rents include the rental value of owner occupied houses. b).Corporate income taxes and payment towards social security measured will not be available for individuals, so these have to be deducted from what is earned.To this we add money received from abroad through trade and other payments.

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Here aggregate output or supply is Y 2 E 2 and aggregate demand is Y 2 k.A country with abundant resources will be dormant without any determination if the resources are not scientifically exploited.The excess of intended investment over intended saving means that aggregate demand is greater than aggregate supply by eE 1.Overlapping of occupations: in backward economies there is an overlapping of occupation in rural sector which makes it difficult to know the income by origin.

Therefore, for calculating it, such payments which are not made for any productive service is not included.This figure thus arrived at will give us G.N.P. The merit of this method is that it believes in the identity between national expenditure, income and total product.This is shown by OY 1 level of income when investment Y 1 E 1 is greater than saving.Since aggregate output (or supply) is less than aggregate demand, businessmen will decrease inventories held by them.Alternative approach states that, when injection (I) equals leakage (S) in a two-sector economy, equilibrium level of national income is determined.But businessmen intend to invest bE, to buy investment goods.

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It consists of finding out the market value of all the goods and services produced during a year.In other words, they can be used to cross-check reliability of each other.Wages, salaries and all such earnings of person employed, pensions are excluded. c).

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NATIONAL INCOME DETERMINATION WORK SCHEDULE (TEXT CHAPTER: 8) DAY 1: Objective: Create a circular flow of demand in the Macroeconomy and identify leakages and.Disequilibrium can be in either case, aggregate supply exceeding aggregate demand or aggregate demand exceeding aggregate supply.Assumptions: The analysis of the determination of income in an open economy is based on the following assumptions: 1.

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Determination of Equilibrium Level of Income: Given these assumptions, an open economy is in equilibrium when its national expenditure (E) is equal to its national income (Y).The government increases aggregate demand by spending on goods and services, and by collecting taxes.Khalid Ahmad Omar. connect to download. Get docx. Final Assignment. National income thus may be defined as the sum of wages,.National income figures help governments in planning, policy making, preparation of budgets and forecasting the level of economic activity.

It may be noted that government expenditures are like investment because they raise the demand for goods.

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Indicator of economic welfare: it enables us to study per capita income or per capita consumption which are general indicators of economic growth.

A worker in a peak season works in a farm, drives a country cart in off season.Inefficient data collection: the machinery for collecting statistical data may not be efficient.But in under developed countries this method may give rise to various problems like imputation of money values to non- monetized sector.Thus the total output of the economy is the sum of consumption and investment expenditure. 2. Investment relates to net investment after deducting depreciation.Now disposable income will be less than national income by the amount of tax, Y d Given all the above mentioned assumptions in which government expenditure is constant, the effects of taxes on national income are illustrated in the following figures.State of technical know-how: the extent of technical know-how and technology in production determine the capital formation in the country.It is a closed economy in which there are no exports or imports. 4. There are no corporate firms in the economy so that there are no corporate undistributed profits. 5. There are no business taxes, no income taxes and no social security taxes so that disposable personal income equals NNP. 6. There are no transfer payments.