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Shoes must not be worn inside a dojo, and in some martial arts, it is customary to ritually clean the dojo before and after training sessions.It stresses kicks and leg techniques and resembles some Japanese Martial Arts.KOBUDO - Name referring to the ancient martial ways of the japanese warrior.KALARIPAYIT - Indian system of martial training, of which two styles exsist, the Northern and Southern.The name of the command used to signal the beginning of kata.The sport has grown rapidly in western countries in the last 15 years.

ATEMI - Japenese art of attacking the vital points of the body.

NINJA - Secret society of highly trained assassins in old Japan, trained from birth to become expert in a vast number of martial skills.CHUNGDAN - Korean term to indicate the mid-section of the body, corresponding to the japanese Chudan.DAISENSEI - Title of respect, meaning Great Teacher, given only to a teacher of high rank.Martial arts cover a broad range of activities that involve fighting techniques, physical exercises, and methods of mental discipline, among other skills. Martial.The karate style used dictates whether the front leg should be straight or slightly bent.

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The mythical Dragon symbolizes the spirit and teaches agility and flexablility.Zen makes use of paradoxical poems called Koans to clear the mind of trivia and so reaches the meditative state required.The single tine at the hilt of the weapon enables the user to trap a Katana ( Sword ) without being injured by the blade.HADAN - Taekwondo term for the ara of the body below the waist, equivalent ot the Japanese, Gedan.FU JOW PAI - Tiger Claw, system of Kung Fu, developed at the Sholin Temple.A battle cry used by martial artists either before, during, or after performing a technique.

Japanese traditional sports generally grew out of the various fighting techniques used by the samurai warrior class in feudal Japan.Judo Terminology - Find the most important japanese expressions for judo - A list of judo related vocabulary, techniques, phrases and other useful expressions.OKINAWA TE - Collective term for the Okinawan schools of Kartate.When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next.SAVATE - French system of foot fighting, correctly termed La Savate.The practioner constantly changes directions during an attack.

Dictionary Of Japanese Karate Terms A Abaniko: Arnis striking technique using a stick and resembling a fan motion.The back should be straight and the feet should be pointed slightly inwards.It has a similar origin to the judogi, the judo uniform, but the Gi is made from much lighter material.LUNG - Chinese word meaning Dragon MABUNI KENWA - Creator of Shitoryu Kartate, who studied under the same Okinawan master called Hosu, as Funakoshi.Japanese Martial Arts refer to the variety of martial arts native to the country of Japan.In karate, there is a snap kick (kaege) and a thrust kick (kekomi).

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For each English directional term used in this video the Japanese translation will be wrote in Kanji and above the Kanji will appear the Furigana and to the right of the Kanji will be the Romaji.

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Sports term papers (paper 18846) on Japanese Martial Arts: The Martial Arts of Japan The martial arts have influenced Japan in many ways.RANDORI - In judo, free practice or sparring in which the techniques are not prescribed.The Institute of Budo Studies has been specializing in. (ancient martial arts) is a term that is used to describe Japanese martial arts that predate the.

It was famous as the official martial art of the Manchu Emperors.Used originally as a rice flail, it is found in most cultures throughout Asia.

Every traditional Japanese martial arts are Sumo, Jujutsu, Swordsmanship.ESCRIMA - Martial system fo the Philippines that employs sticks, swords and daggers.BOKKEN - Solid wooden sword used for training purposes in kendo and other martial arts.DRUNKEN MONKEY - Style of Kung Fu based upon the antics fo Monkeys.