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Secondly, providing homes to homeless and needy people has a important economical benefit.They emphasize that it has no affect on their work effectiveness instead it is a medicine for anxiety and depression.

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However, it is feasible for firms and local officials to foster a greater sense of community by ensuring new development are more community friendly.Usage of mobile phones can have negative or positive influence on them.There are many factors influence the happiness depends from person to person. for instance students feels happiness by achieving good job in which there dream in life.It is jointly managed by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia, and was established in 1989.

This means that the more citizens in the metropolitan areas are inclined to work longer and often commute for over one or two hours.It is important to note that sometimes the structure may be more important than the grammar errors.There is no universally accepted definition for happiness, as its coordinates.IELTS essay. an essay on happiness is it should atleast 200 worrds it will be veryhelpful for me thanks everybodyPlease check my IELTS.

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Firstly, smoking in public has direct affect on the health of surrounding people as they are forced to inhale carcinogenic air as a result of passive smoking.IELTS writing Day 1 - (Connector 1, Agree and disagree essay) -.Attach 2 passport size photographs to page 1 of application form.All my love, this is a profound beauty, have real confidence.

IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC are the tests of English language proficiently.These could include green spaces where children can play together, local markets and community halls.Consdier group of children in same age group thier opioins and ideas are always different from each and another. one child feels happiness in achieving first rank in class,another child feels happiness in achieving top score in cricket tournment or foot ball tournment etc,one more child feels achieving happiness in enjoying the climate,weather,eating food etc.Related Quotes: Happiness Quotes, Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes This quote: Permalink.This mobility means that there is less chance for people to put down roots in a community and establish relationships with their neighbours.

I want to my speaking as well as my listening,so please suggest me and help me,and send me friend request on Skype.For example,according to a report by international magazines,after removing afghan refugee camps, there has been decreased in terrorist attacks in Pakistan in the last few years.

A Bible as a gift would make a hard-core religious person quite happy.French people on tennis racquets, around 145,000, is the lowest figure shown on the chart.The third reason lies to the fact that cigarette smoke is deteriorating the atmosphere by adding harmful inhalants in the air.Although people who have enough wealth and good position in society are given importance in our world, i firmly believe that traits like love, trust and honor still remain the topmost quality for a human being.It is the responsibility of our judicial system to hear them and investigate the truth.Secondly, the work environment is disturbed by smokers leaving the work place occasionally for smoke breaks.

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It has now been prohibited by some governing bodies to smoke in public and many organizations have restricted its use in offices.

This happens because they uphold several behavior patterns which are quiet indispensable for a good human being.Thank you once again and please keep up the good work for future candidates.Questions our class was asked to explore included, what is happiness, what is compassion, and how do you combat shame.What is happiness essay ielts. Learn how to write an IELTS happiness essay by seeing how is planned, Letters and Data Description for IELTS and TOEFL.

In the consequence, can save millions of money spend in cure and rehabilitation.In my opinion, I think that fixing age limit may be one way, but it is difficult to say if it is the best way.Thank you for all the information that you have integrated in this site.As I have done three of them, in this paper, I am going to break down the differences and similarities of the structure.I find it too hard to show this in a short essay, so I just said the bad outcome if people equal artworks to money.

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Sir kindly evaluate this esasay, and pls tell me what score can i expect if i attend ielts exam.