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Free persuasive essay sample: The NCAA should pay student athletes because it can actually do it.College athletics: Should College Athletes be paid. Underline thesis statement in the.

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You may include background information at the beginning of the paper and anywhere else that you need to provide context for a point you are.

The fact that scholarships do not cover all expenses for every athlete is one reason why college athletes should get paid.The athletes who receive full scholarships can get a free college degree that could be worth up to the same amount depending on the school you attend.In conclusion, college athletes should get paid for the time that they put into there respective sports.Various meeting markets, event management, and has acted as a deputy.After the morning practice, you have to go to all of your classes.

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Only one out of every three athletes receives a scholarship but these are not full scholarships and only pay for part of the expenses.

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Stilted us should college athletes be paid essay thesis many are also when with a system where they can help there to keep the actual.However, those on a sports scholarship do get a free education, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay. regular season is over, the athlete has three weeks until preparation for the next season begins.

Since the majority of athletes are not on a full ride or do not even have a scholarship they should get some type of aid from the school.

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That leaves ninety-nine percent of the other athletes who would need the pay that would benefit them in regards to paying off large amounts of debt.Over a four-year period, scholarships can pay out more than two hundred thousand dollars (Sturgill 1).

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To begin with, college athletes should get paid because scholarships are not enough.Additionally, the people that oppose this argument believe that colleges should not pay college athletes because they have the opportunity to go professional and get paid hundreds of thousand dollars and sometimes over a million.This would result in a waste of money since the athletes are going to be making considerable amounts of money that would easily pay off their debt from attending college.Log in with the following username: karinabustillo and password: 4271.

The large debt would accumulate from every day to day expenses over the athletes four years of college.However, the student-athletes who play the games do not receive any financial compensation from the universities.

Background Information (context for discussion) you should provide your readers with relevant background information necessary for understanding the position.I am a soon to be college athlete and I know many people that compete at the collegiate level and do not have enough time to have a job and pay for college.After completing this assignment, students should be able to.My name is Brandon Teribery and I believe that colleges should, in some way, pay athletes that represent their school.

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Thesis: University and college sports are a lucrative industry that uses the definition of.