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Use this service to get your profound custom writing handled on time top-ranked and.In order to form a family domain of love, you should be absolute.

Without a tradition of sacrifice for one another, love is broken easily.What is the minimum standard by which the past, present and future can be connected.When parents become plus and children become minus, the Kingdom of Heaven of a family comes into being.There, the foundation for the new history, new world and new cosmos is to be established.

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The completion of the purpose of creation originates when Adam accomplishes his four position foundation.The true family is the place where a husband loves his wife as his mother, and where a wife sacrifices for her husband and loves him as her older brother.Parents are in the same situation: they are to suffer instead of their children.

Whose children will be born great among the blessed families.

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The family cannot be revolutionized by any social system in any historical age.The family can make human beings inherit the traditional standard for the unity of man and woman.Though our mother has her own work, she still finds time to take us to school, cook for us and help us in our studies.Without going through the indemnity course, you cannot go in front of God, but the blessed children can go forward without any condition.

One is divided into parts and the parts are to be united and then the union is to be split again into parts and they are to form a bigger mass.Therefore, in order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven centering upon people, they should set up the four position foundation.Where can we have such a situation in which people love to see their spouse loving others more than themselves.But think of the situation that the father or mother is an alcoholic.Essay: Working Women and Family Life. It seems that the ideal situation is when the father helps around the house,.

It is the representative environment for establishing the center of heart.Grandfather, father and yourself -- the three generations should be one.

But when Father organized the spirit world trinity with the order of Ki Suk Lee, Hyo Won Eu and Chung Goo Park, I was so disappointed and I complained.By rearing sons and daughters, you come to realize how much your parents loved you.After I get married, my husband and I will need to decide where we want to live,.Unless a man and a woman stand on an absolute standard, they cannot unite together.You are able to love the past by loving your parents, to love the present by loving your object, and to love the future by loving your children.Man and woman should establish the four position foundation with love.

Unificationism is implanted in the family, so nobody can root it out.The first point is that in most instances there is a better relationship between family members in single parent families.Therefore, the love of brothers and sisters rooted in this parental motivation will never change.How did God teach Adam the joyous feeling that He had when He created him.Order original custom essays, term papers, research papers on Family issues from Writing.In this perspective, we should sincerely love our spouse in order to love the world.

Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923) The Ideal Family: Interpretation The story under study was written by Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923), a British novelist and short.Nobody can dissolve that union and it will never split in two.People will come to such a place, abandoning everything which belongs to the world.Do you think God likes Reverend Moon repairing this crippled world.In order to make such a unified foundation, a bundle of love -- a treasure jar -- is necessary.At first, we are to be perfect individuals by complete oneness of mind and body, and then we are to establish perfect families by the complete oneness of husband and wife.If parents do not abandon their children even at the crossroads of tears and hardship, their children in turn will follow their parents in tears wherever they go.But the love between man and woman is centered upon the entities themselves, not upon a specific external purpose.

When you see a person who is the same age as your father, you should love him as your father, and when you see a person the same age as your mother, you should love her as your mother.Because they are the nearest position with which you can sustain a love relationship throughout your entire life.