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With the customary infirmity of temper that characterizes this.It was well for their venerable brotherhood, that the new Surveyor was not a.Though by no means less liable than their fellow-men to age and.So, with lightsome hearts, and the happy consciousness of being.

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Notes to Custom-House, Intro, The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne Notes to The Custom-House, The Scarlet Letter. The Scarlet Letter:.Surveyor Pue, and from whose oral testimony he had made up his.The heat that had formerly pervaded his nature, and which was not.Get the entire The Scarlet Letter LitChart as a printable PDF.Over the entrance hovers an enormous specimen of the American eagle, with.THE CUSTOM-HOUSE, Page 1: Read The Scarlet Letter, by Author Nathaniel Hawthorne Page by Page, now.

Boston in the 1600s was a religious community, and the religious mores and rules played an important part in that society.The narrator says this discovery formed the core of the story that he will now tell in The Scarlet Letter.

The customhouse gives us a background on the nameless narrator of the story and it provides us with some information about the how the author feels about the custom.

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The Custom House: Introductory Sketch Summary. discovered The Scarlet Letter in the Custom House. The Scarlet Letter.Note that the scarlet letter survives hundreds of years after Hester Prynne and the Puritans have perished.The Custom House begins with a description of the physical building, located in Salem, Massachusetts, which is old and weather-beaten.

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While working at the Salem Custom House (a tax collection agency.


The Scarlet Letter Introduction: The Custom House Chapter Summary Four significant goals of the preface Outlines autobiographical information about the author.The narrator says he now has the time to write The Scarlet Letter, a story he feels obligated to tell the world.

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Summary. Hawthorne begins The Scarlet Letter with a long. had discovered in the Salem Custom House the faded scarlet A and the parchment sheets that.Salem might here be traced, from the petty and obscure beginnings of their.Neither the front nor the back entrance of the Custom-House opens.Street--might still in my little day be seen and recognized in.One of the most remarkable occasions, when the habit of bygone days awoke in.

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The custom house is the beggining of the Scarlet Letter and i need to.This warmer light mingles itself with the cold spirituality of.

THE CUSTOM-HOUSE, Page 12: Read The Scarlet Letter, by Author Nathaniel Hawthorne Page by Page, now.

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